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Spring 2020 | Knopf Random House

a CLASSIC ANIMAL FANTASY For fans of WARRIORS, watership down, guardians of ga’hool and REDWALL.

In the secret jungle of the Endless Forest, far from the eyes of the Macaque Empire, two young monkeys; Sang and Hiro, are born to prophetic dreams of the Great War that is to come

Their impossible quest; to infiltrate the Imperial City and cross the Thousand Kingdoms from Endless Forest to Frozen Northern Wastes, seeking out alliances from the splintered Beast clans of the Sky, Forest and Land. For only an army of Beasts could ever stand a hope of bringing down the cruel Macaque Empire.


United States: Knopf/Random House | France: Albin Michel

*International publication dates and titles may vary


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GOLDENPAW #2 (2021)